Pets and photos and blogs

Not much flying. Not much else to report about. It’s kind of dull really. So inspired by hang glider pilot Jeff O’Brian’s nice pictures of his golden retrievers, I thought I should post a couple of pictures of my pets. By the way, I can strongly recommend a visit to Jeff’s blog. Lots of really good photos, and lots of hang gliding related stuff, moreover it is frequently updated.


Here is Tobias, a white and cream persian, pictured co-writing this post. Tobias can best be described as a fur faced eating machine.


This is Porter, a black persian. Porter enjoys 16 hour power naps and if cuddled he starts to dribble. He definitely has more fur than brain, in addition he has asthma.

One Response to “Pets and photos and blogs”

  1. Ak says:

    Is this bottom low in hanggliding news? Even a paragliding blog cant go this low!! 🙂

    I have this post of myself on a scooter. It is a pretty lame post, but compared to this I’m not sure: