Swedish video and language course

This video is made by Swedish friend Magnus Söderqvist.

“About the video” from the Swede: Trip to Italy in the summer of 2007. We flew at Monte Cucco, Tri Pizzi, Casteluccio and Levico Terme. Awesome stuff.

As Sweden already is in focus, I thought I should give the few people around the world that do not understand Swedish/Danish/Norwegian a quick into to the Swedish language. If you ever go to Sweden these phrases will save you in case of emergency!
– Hungry? Then say “köttbullar”. This is lumps of minced meat, and is served with mashed potatoes and a horrible thing called “lingonsylt”. This latter is a jam made of lingonberries. It is sold at IKEA if you want to test it before going to Sweden.
– Thirsty? Shout, not say, you must shout “burk”. Burk is Swedish for beer can, and if you are lucky someone will offer you to buy a “burk” of “folk öl”. “Folk öl is a shitty bad tasting 3,5 (volume) % alcohol beer. If you want to get drunk you will need about 36 “burk”s.
– Lonely? Then say “gratis”. This means free/does not cost a thing. Swedes are, well, economical, so if they think that you will give away something for free they will follow you for at least a couple of days.
– Angry? Say that the thing that has made you angry or upset “suger älgballe”. For instance: “Lingonsylt suger älgballe”. Directly translated this means suck a moose’s male genitalia.
– Need to find a lavatory/WC? Say “bajs”. This indicates that you would like to take a crap.
– Horny? Say “tuttar”. This is the name for a pair of things that women have but that men are missing.

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  1. Magnus says:

    While you’re on the topic of “bajs” or poo, as the english would say, it’s probably a good time to mention that in norway Winnie the Pooh is known as Ole Brum!