New Aeros Target 16

Aeros has announced a new developement of the Target school glider/floater. The biggest update seems to be that the frame now is from 7075 aluminum. In addition, Aeros has added bigger under surface sail and new colour design. Also it will be provided with a streamlined a-frame including profiled Finsterwalder uprights. As far as I can remember, this latter was also an option before. The Target our hang glider club bought in 2001 was delivered with streamlined uprights.

Information from Aeros HERE.

sundvollen_26012003_target1.JPG    sundvollen_26012003_target2.JPG

Target 16 just after launch at Sundvollen January 26th 2003, Norway. Pilot: Bjørn Hammer. Photo: Line Hagen.

One Response to “New Aeros Target 16”

  1. kjell says:

    Aeros is leading the industri for the rest to follow….

    Go Aeros!!