Sundvollen again

After yesterdays failure getting our hang glider student airborne from a “real” launch we tried again today. That is, Øyvind and Steinar tried, I was little tired this morning and had a late start. Øyvind, Steinar (and his co-pilot Aud), and our student Øystein first tried the launch at Brandbukampen (a SW launch), but here it was W and crosswind. As I was late and drove past Sundvollen (a W-N launch) on my way to Brandbu I found out that the conditions at Sundvollen looked good – luckily, this saved me for another hour in the car each way. So the course bunch came to Sundvollen instead. Here we had normal Sundvollen conditions; strong wind, calm wind, cross wind, wave wind, variable wind, and so on – quite normal for this launch. Some pilots starting while conditions were good got ridge soaring flights, while the rest of us, me included, got rather short flights. Well, at least I got fly the T2 (duck tape speed machine) again. Our student Øystein also got two flights while conditions were calm. We also went up for a third flight and also Steinar and Øyvind planed to fly, but then conditions were too strong and they all had to rigg down the gliders. All in all, a relatively successful day – although I really should have worked.


Terje “Birdman” rigging his Seedwings Vertigo.


View from the ramp at Sundvollen.

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