More scooter tow training

Steinar and I had an afternoon/evening session for our only hang glider student Thuesday. The student, Øystein Aa, flyes as he has not done anything else and today he even passed the SP 1 test with only 2 wrong answers, and even those were partly a matter of definition – in other words perfect. He celebrated with 6 scooter tow flights. Following Steinar’s course philosophy, everyone should fly, I also got a flight on Steinar’s Wills Wing Falcon 3 193, he got two flights and Øyvind also came and got a flight. We also had a visitor from Moss for a course demo day. He had tried hang gliding 25 years ago or so and now he wants to pick it up again. So I guess we have no other choice starting another course once this is finished.

This was my first test of a Falcon 3. It seems a little faster and responsive. This makes it fun to fly, but is it a positive development for students?

All in all, another uneventful and thus successful scooter tow course day.

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