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Sundvollen again

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

After yesterdays failure getting our hang glider student airborne from a “real” launch we tried again today. That is, Øyvind and Steinar tried, I was little tired this morning and had a late start. Øyvind, Steinar (and his co-pilot Aud), and our student Øystein first tried the launch at Brandbukampen (a SW launch), but here it was W and crosswind. As I was late and drove past Sundvollen (a W-N launch) on my way to Brandbu I found out that the conditions at Sundvollen looked good – luckily, this saved me for another hour in the car each way. So the course bunch came to Sundvollen instead. Here we had normal Sundvollen conditions; strong wind, calm wind, cross wind, wave wind, variable wind, and so on – quite normal for this launch. Some pilots starting while conditions were good got ridge soaring flights, while the rest of us, me included, got rather short flights. Well, at least I got fly the T2 (duck tape speed machine) again. Our student Øystein also got two flights while conditions were calm. We also went up for a third flight and also Steinar and Øyvind planed to fly, but then conditions were too strong and they all had to rigg down the gliders. All in all, a relatively successful day – although I really should have worked.


Terje “Birdman” rigging his Seedwings Vertigo.


View from the ramp at Sundvollen.

Saturday scooter towing

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

We tried to get our hang glider student his first flights without scooter towing, but it was a lot of fog and tailwind so we towed again instead. That is basically it for Saturday.

Video: Øyvind trying to kill me during his launch – not an unusual situation. Besides this he is a pretty civilised person.

Updated Wills Wing Falcon 2 review

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

I have updated my previous review of the Falcon 2 from March 2005 with new comments based on the experiences from the last two years. Basically just a confirmation of my first impressions. See the review HERE or under “Pages” to the right.

More scooter tow training

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Steinar and I had an afternoon/evening session for our only hang glider student Thuesday. The student, Øystein Aa, flyes as he has not done anything else and today he even passed the SP 1 test with only 2 wrong answers, and even those were partly a matter of definition – in other words perfect. He celebrated with 6 scooter tow flights. Following Steinar’s course philosophy, everyone should fly, I also got a flight on Steinar’s Wills Wing Falcon 3 193, he got two flights and Øyvind also came and got a flight. We also had a visitor from Moss for a course demo day. He had tried hang gliding 25 years ago or so and now he wants to pick it up again. So I guess we have no other choice starting another course once this is finished.

This was my first test of a Falcon 3. It seems a little faster and responsive. This makes it fun to fly, but is it a positive development for students?

All in all, another uneventful and thus successful scooter tow course day.