More scooter tow hang glider course

The weekend weather lately has been unsuitable for hang glider basic training using Condor and scooter towing. So we have used some evenings instead to get our one man course up and running. Yesterday Steinar and Øyvind were instructors and today Steinar and I had duty. Scooter tow training just seems more and more ingenious was the course develops. The progress is much faster, it is safer, it takes a lot less effort than carrying a glider up a training for a short flight, and it is fun. Today Øystein Aa, our student, got 4 relatively short flights of about 150 metres, and 4 longer ones of about 350 metres – all in 2 hours. He is a talented student, but at least some of the progress must be attributed to the training method. At the end of the evening I got a tow and a short flight – fun!

Øystein Aa being pulled up.

Øystein flying today.

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