Soon new url for this web site

I have had my homepage at Øyvind Ellefsen‘s server since I started using WordPress – well actually since Øyvind set up WordPress for me. Equally long I have used the url I have tried to find a new more hang glider like domain to use, but never could decide on something, and as I now also have also started flying sailplanes a pure hang glider doman name do not seem that good of a choice. So I tried to decide what would suit both hang gliding and sailplanes, did a few searches, and found out that the domain was free. According to Wikipedia, “Soaring is a mode of flight in which height is gained slowly by using air that is moving upwards. It arises in the flight of both aircraft and birds.” Consequently, I bought the domain and hopefully will have the blog transfered to this domain soon, but the blog will probably still be available on this current url as well. It depends on what it- and hang glider guru Øyvind Ellefsen can arrange (I am too lazy and stupid to figure out these it things).

Content and layout of the blog will probably stay about the same.

Plans for tomorrow afternoon and evening is scooter towing and our hang glider course. Hopefully I will get a couple of flights myself.

3 Responses to “Soon new url for this web site”

  1. oyvind says:

    Bah, too easy! Changed the DNS, changed the URI in options in WordPress, and presto! Pure magic!

    Good luck on your new domain, want some fries with that?

    Now, off to write the invoice with a fork…

  2. site admin says:

    I offer you a beer and burger at “Jutulbua” (smultbua) in Vågå next summer for the update. You can have fries to go with the burger if you like 🙂 .
    Thanks a lot for the help!

  3. oyvind says:

    Deal! If you can make the Jultulbu sell me a beer you have my respect!