Lucky birthday

September 22. – my birthday, and today my lucky day as well. First of all, I woke up early, and remarkably not because one of my cats were sitting on my face. So I had plenty of time to have breakfast, make a thermos of coffee and so on. The weather forecast was bad, as usual this year, so I did not have high expectations for the sailplane training flights today. I borrowed my girlfriends new Honda CRV for the drive to Notodden, the sailplane airfield, and really enjoyed the drive in the new car. I was cruising at +90 km/h in a 70 km/h zone when I suddenly saw UP (the Norwegian highway police) at the road shoulder stopping cars. But all the police men were busy and it was no room for more cars so they just gave me “an evil eye” and let me pass. 5 minute later another pilot was not so lucky. He was stopped for speeding, 92 km/h in the 70 km/h zone, and he got a fine of NOK 4900 (about USD 900). Then at Notodden I got one +1 hour sailplane flight in waves, and a second flight of + 1 hours in thermals and ridge soaring although conditions looked totally bad with rain showers all around us and almost no sun. This is the one of the advantages of sailplanes compared with hang gliding, it is possible to fly and soar in conditions that are not flyable with a hang glider. Driving home I kept the speed limits. No point pushing my luck. Now I have just finished dinner accompanied by an insanely expensive French read win. Some days life is just good, the only thing I miss today is a hang glider flight as well.

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