Waves over Notodden

The forecast for this weekend was not promising for our hang gliding course, Saturday strong NW winds were predicted and rain on Sunday. So I decided to fly gliders instead, and to hoped to try flying in waves. When I drove to Notodden (the airport) Saturday morning the wind was very strong and I did not believe that it could be possible for me fly as I am still a student. But it was no problem flying, even as a student even if the wind was very strong also at the ground. I first flew a student flight with an instructor. No waves but we flew for about 1 hour in thermals and in a rotor; the latter an unusual experience for a hang glider pilot. I then got a second flight as passenger with one of the pilots in club (Sandefjord Seilflyklubb), and this time we hit waves and soared pretty high. I flew for about 30 minutes, but it was no challenge as it was just to cruise around and try to stay below controlled airspace. When we wanted to land we tried to speed up and increase the sink, but over Notodden we got 3 m/s lift at 150 km/h, and had to use the airbrakes to get down. A nice day in the air.

Looping over Notodden 2500 masl.

cimg2794.jpg cimg2803.jpg
View over Notodden from the wave.

See more pictures from the wave flight HERE.

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