Instructors seminar and intro to hang glider course

The instructors seminar in Vågå this weekend was OK (well at least for me, I do not know that the participants think). We got a lot of good discussions, and I presented Steinar’s and our club’s scooter tow project. Hopefully, we all learned a little thus becoming a little better as instructors. Saturday evening we all had dinner at Vågå Hotel, and Sunday we even got a flight after we had concluded the seminar.

Yesterday afternoon and evening (Tuesday), Steinar, Øyvind, and I had yet another intro day trying to recruit more students for our hang gliding course – so far we only have one student. The intro days using scooter tow is a success, and the ones attending actually fly even the first time they try hang gliding. Still, unfortunately this does not help recruiting more students.

Steinar, Øyvind , or me being scooter towed up. It’s probably not me; I am too heavy for the Falcon 170 to get that high.

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