Intro days for course with scooter tow

Last weekend we, Oslo Area Hang Glider Club, had two intro days before we start the course this autumn. Initially I had about 30 people that showed interest, but when things got a bit more serious about 12 turned up to try hang gliding before signing on the course. This course, and intro days, is the first using scooter tow so we were very excited about how this would work. It turned out to be a success. First we had the potential students run 3-4 times just with both the Condor and Falcons, then we hooked them and the Condor on the line from the scooter and pulled. The result was that all got a short, low, and safe flight. I will write more about the scooter towing as the course progresses.

cimg2759.jpg cimg2760.jpg

Video from one lauch using scooter + Condor HERE. This is the 4. or 5. time he has lifted a hang glider!

Unfortunately only one signed on the course so we have intro days this weekend as well. I am teaching at an instructors seminar in Vågå this weekend, but we hope to get a few more to sign on to the course and to start the course next weekend.

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