No Trontreff – more “sailplaneing”

This weekend, the last in August, is the date for Trontreff, a combined flying, competition, BBQ and party arrangement. The motto of Trontreff is “test-what-your-body-can-take”, I guess you can figure out yourself what is going on (many of those who participate do not remeber).  Still, the weather forecast for the weekend was so bad that most never drove the 350 km from Oslo. I also skipped going up and instead I decided to use Saturday for the sailplane course.

It was a lot of glider activity at the airport as a number of people had ordered “test” or passenger flights. So the instructor was quite busy and I only got one flight. The rest of the time I helped the instructor getting people ready for their flights.


Gliders and tow planes lined up.


Gilders waiting to launch, LN-GIA is the school glider I am flying. The glider is a LET L23 Super Blanik, a rugged and solid aluminum glider.

Sunday I did just about nothing. I wanted a weekend day off before we start the hang glider course next weekend, something that will make my weekends this autumn busy as I also need to complete the sailplane course myself. I considered to go to Sundvollen to fly hang glider, but thought that the conditions were too strong. Later Steinar phoned me and told me several hang gliders were ridge soaring. Well, if it isn’t bad weather, it is bad decisions. Probably someone higher up has decided that I should not fly hang gliders in 2007.

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