Scooter towing at Steinssletta

It is a sailplane competition at Notodden this weekend, and no instruction. This suits me well as I need to do other things and to get some training operation the tow scooter before this autumns hang glider course. So Steinar, Terje S., Petter, and I drove to a field at Steinssletta to have some fun scooter towing and to get some practice before the course. But as we arrived at Steinssletta conditions were turbulent and not good for scooter towing. So we only did two tows before giving up because of the conditions and scooter problems. The scooter was a little ill today, it did not pull well and it was difficult to pull out the line again. Steinar delivered it to the scooter doctor in the afternoon and he soon discovered that a disk inside the brake had disintegrated into three parts and made a mess of the brake. Still, it was not worse than that the scooter doctor could mend it. So it is ready for tomorrow, as are we, but the forecast predicts rain.
Mikro Terje, hang glider, micro light triker, moped driver, and scooter tow operator (multi talented). Here retreving the tow line with Steinar’s moped.

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