Sailplane flight 6 to 10

Last weekend was rainy and it seemed like it was hopeless to fly. So I skipped flying Saturday, but at 1200 Kenneth K. (a ex-hang glider pilot and now sailplane pilot) phoned me to as where I was. Apparently it was flyable at Notodden, while it rained cats and dogs in Bærum, and the news reported of floods and closed roads because of the rain all over Southern Norway. So I decided to drive to Notodden on Sunday no matter what the weather was like in Bærum. As I drove to Notodden Sunday morning, it was fog, rain, and bad weather all the way. I arrived at Notodden 1100 and about 1200 it started to dry up, and soon the sun was shining.

It was relatively few sailplane pilots at Notodden, I guess the weather around us had intimidated them, as it did with me yesterday. Because the tow plane was not too busy and the trainer glider available most of the time, I got 5 flight and 2 hours and 15 minutes of airtime in sunny warm weather. I actually even got a sun burn, while the rest of Southern Norway was drowned by rain.

The flying is going better, and in the calm conditions on Sunday I ended up flying the start, tow, landing approach, and the landing; at least almost without help. It is still some co-ordination problems between the stick and the rudders, but things are improving, I hope.

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