Last weekend, this weekend.

Late weekend report as usual. Last weekend was windy and not that flyable for hangglider, but good enough for sailplane instruction. Saturday I got two flights in low cloud base and rain showers. The first tow was to 600 metres, the second to 300 metres when we got waved off by the tow plane. On the first flight I operated the rudder on tow and rudder and air brake in the landing. On the second flight I flew both on take off, tow, and landing, but with more than plenty of assistance from the instructor.

Sunday it was lots of wind and turbulent, but no problem flying, and I got two flight. On both flights I flew both the take off, tow and landing, but also now with quite a lot of assistance from the instructor. Especially the tows were difficult as it was very turbulent. We got weightless a couple of times on both tows so the conditions were far from ideal to learn to fly the glider on tow. Still, fun to fly in such conditions. It is still a lot to learn but at least my sailplane skills are progressing.

The plan for this weekend is to fly more, but the forecast for Saturday is bad with lots of rain. So Saturday is gone, but hopefully it will be possible to fly on Sunday. I hope to take some pictures and video from the flying on Sunday.

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