Seilplane flight and course

The weather has been unusually bad here in Norway this summer with lots of rain and wind. Even a trip to Greifenburg/Emberger Alm and the pre-EC did not give that much flying time. In addition, I spent one week in Vågå as meet director during the national championship, and got only one flight the entire week. Pretty depressing in other words. In desperation I called Kenneth K., a friend and former hang glider pilot who has converted to sailplane, to hear if his club has sailplane courses this summer. This was wednesday last week, and on Sunday I had my first introduction flight with an instructor. In windy conditions, way beyond what was flyable for a hang glider, I got a nice 2 hours 10 minutes flight. I flew most of the time except the launch and landing. Definitely fun, and I have decided to do the entire course, starting in august or so. Flying the sailplane was quite simple, but it is difficult to make nice co-ordinated turns, and I have a lot to learn. But with experience from hang gliding I think I should be able to learn this a lot faster than a total novice in the air. I look forward to start flying sailplane, but will still have hang gliding as my first priority. But I think that flying sailplane will add a lot of flying time, and make me airborne in conditions which are not flyable with a hang glider.


LET L23 Super Blanik, the dual trainer I flew.

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