Vaagaa Open day 3, no flying

Report from Wednesday July 4th. Rain! We cancelled the day at morning briefing. Tomorrow looks a little more promising and Friday almost good, but it is very wet and the air pressure is low so we risk overdevelopment if the sun starts to shine again.

I went for a walk this afternoon to kill some time. As it rained and was windy I chose the same route as Monday instead of the original plan of walking up in the mountains.

Here are a few pictures from the route. The quality is not that good as I used the camera on my mobile phone.

image_039.jpg image_041.jpg

image_043.jpg image_045.jpg

2 Responses to “Vaagaa Open day 3, no flying”

  1. Bad Guy says:

    The lower right picture – is it a self portrait? If so, you probably taste good, medium roasted.

  2. site admin says:

    It is my facially challenged cousin Sheep Merino.