Norwegian Championship/Vaagaa Open, day 1.

Today was the first day of the Norwegian Championship and Vaagaa Open (Cat. 2 comp.). Øyvind Ellefsen and I are meet directors/everything else except help from Stein Edgar to score. The forecast for the day, as for the rest of the week, was not good. With strong winds and totally overcast it was no point holding even more than one morning briefing before the day was cancelled at 1200. Some of the pilots then went to Heidalen for a game of paint ball, while other (mostly those who also have participated at Veko in Voss) preferred to take it easy and relax. I went for a work (Nordic walking) in the mountains. I started at 663 masl and walked up to 1070 masl. I used 50 minutes up and 35 minutes back down. Just as I came back to the car it started to rain, perfect timing.

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