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Hallingdal last weekend

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Last weekend was the second attempt to get a valid national hang glider championship. But as both the weather forecast was not too good and my wrist still is hurting me (after a crash in late May), I instead decided to join Steinar Sverd and Terje S. in Hallingdalen on Friday and Saturday. This is a half the drove of Vågå and it is two years since I last flew in Hallingdal, and as I am pretty feed up of Vågå this year it was an easy choice.

Friday we flew from Flatagrov. We had high expectations for the day as the thermal forecast was good, but it turned out to be overcast and we got a prolonged sled ride. Saturday, had a similar forecast so we went to Flatagrov again, now accompanied by Alf O. on a day trip from Oslo. It was overcast for a long time, and as we waited we got strong cross wind at the launch as well. But finally it cleared and we all managed to launch. It was easy to get up, but I flew really bad, and I did not go XC. Trying to stabilise my wrist I get cramped up in my shoulder, so I have difficulties flying for more than an hour, and makes my thermaling not that good. As I landed the wind had picked up and created lea side turbulence and strong sink in the valley. I hit a steady 3 to 4 m/s turbulent sink from 1000 metres above the LZ all the way down.

cimg2698.jpg cimg2702.jpg cimg2697.jpg

Pictures: Self portrait, view of Hemsedal, and view of Gol – all from about 2000 masl.

Seilplane flight and course

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

The weather has been unusually bad here in Norway this summer with lots of rain and wind. Even a trip to Greifenburg/Emberger Alm and the pre-EC did not give that much flying time. In addition, I spent one week in Vågå as meet director during the national championship, and got only one flight the entire week. Pretty depressing in other words. In desperation I called Kenneth K., a friend and former hang glider pilot who has converted to sailplane, to hear if his club has sailplane courses this summer. This was wednesday last week, and on Sunday I had my first introduction flight with an instructor. In windy conditions, way beyond what was flyable for a hang glider, I got a nice 2 hours 10 minutes flight. I flew most of the time except the launch and landing. Definitely fun, and I have decided to do the entire course, starting in august or so. Flying the sailplane was quite simple, but it is difficult to make nice co-ordinated turns, and I have a lot to learn. But with experience from hang gliding I think I should be able to learn this a lot faster than a total novice in the air. I look forward to start flying sailplane, but will still have hang gliding as my first priority. But I think that flying sailplane will add a lot of flying time, and make me airborne in conditions which are not flyable with a hang glider.


LET L23 Super Blanik, the dual trainer I flew.

Vaagaa Open, day 5 and 6

Friday, July 13th, 2007

Day 5: Rain and shit, but we got a nice evening flight.

Day 6: A little better weather, and we tried to set a task. Many had  already given up and gone home but about 10 pilots flew. Still, noone got outside minimum distanse so the task did not get scored.

So, for the first time we have had a national championship without any valid tasks. Jetta Luftsportsklubb (the local club) will arrange a new shorter national championship July 19.-22.  and already have more than the required 15 participants to make this an official championship.

Pretty boring staying in Vågå without flying. The highlights were the dinners prepared by cook Lene Einarsen.

Vaagaa Open day 4, still no flying

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

The weather is still totally useless; rain, overcast, and E winds (the worst wind direction here for flying). Further, the LZ is flooded, and we are constantly evaluating if we need to rescue the cars and equipment from the water.

LZ at 1030.

LZ at about 1200.

LZ at 1800.

The road to the national centre.


Vaagaa Open day 3, no flying

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Report from Wednesday July 4th. Rain! We cancelled the day at morning briefing. Tomorrow looks a little more promising and Friday almost good, but it is very wet and the air pressure is low so we risk overdevelopment if the sun starts to shine again.

I went for a walk this afternoon to kill some time. As it rained and was windy I chose the same route as Monday instead of the original plan of walking up in the mountains.

Here are a few pictures from the route. The quality is not that good as I used the camera on my mobile phone.

image_039.jpg image_041.jpg

image_043.jpg image_045.jpg

Norwegian Championship/Vaagaa Open, day 1.

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Today was the first day of the Norwegian Championship and Vaagaa Open (Cat. 2 comp.). Øyvind Ellefsen and I are meet directors/everything else except help from Stein Edgar to score. The forecast for the day, as for the rest of the week, was not good. With strong winds and totally overcast it was no point holding even more than one morning briefing before the day was cancelled at 1200. Some of the pilots then went to Heidalen for a game of paint ball, while other (mostly those who also have participated at Veko in Voss) preferred to take it easy and relax. I went for a work (Nordic walking) in the mountains. I started at 663 masl and walked up to 1070 masl. I used 50 minutes up and 35 minutes back down. Just as I came back to the car it started to rain, perfect timing.