Vor EM Greifenburg, June 16th to 23rd. Part 2 of 2.

Tuesday 19th: Again bad weather in the morning, even hard rain, but good conditions from 1300. Based on the experiences from yesterday I was more alert now, and ready to fly even with the early rain shower. The task was a little back and forth in the valley and with landing at Villach to the East of Greifenburg. I got up easy but got a little behind the mail gaggle. I felt that I flew reasonably well today, but became too eager to catch the main gaggle and flew into an area with shade just around the launch, and had to land. I was accompanied at the landing by Stein Edgar, who had lost his contact lenses in the air and landed due to bad visibility. I should have managed to better today.
Flight HERE.
Weather and task briefing at the upper launch.

Wednesday 20th: A long and interesting 188 km task was set today. The forcast predicted about 50 % chance for rain and thunderstorms, and with high temperatures the trigger temperature was very high. Conditions was a little slow in the beginning and most pilots only slowly got up. But I, and a very few others, got low and never got up again. I first got up to about 2250 masl but wanted a little more altitude before heading for the start circle 10 km away. But as I tried this I lost 400 metres and never got over 1800 masl again. It was easy to hold an altitude at about 1100 masl (700 metres above the landing) but this was only marginally interesting and I landed after 1 hour 30 minutes or so. The day was later stopped, cancelled, stopped, and then finally cancelled (to take the short version) due to heavy rain and overdevelopment along the task route. Yet, it was still very disappointing to see nearly everyone get up and away to fly in the spectacular landscape the task was set over. I felt pretty bad for some hours after this. I guess I just have to come back another time to fly this route.
Flight HERE.

Thursday 21st: Overcast and rain, and the day was cancelled early. The Norwegian team used the day for sightseeing to Landskron castle where it also is a show with birds of prey. The birds are part of a breeding programme, but also trained for the show. The show was very good with spectacular flying of “the professionals”, but the highlight, in my opinion, was when one of the golden eagles tried self serving by trying to snatch the food container of one of the trainers. Luckily for the trainer the golden eagle did not give it its best try; with finger long talons that would have been pretty messy.
From the bird show at Landskorn. Photo: Stefan Hobbesland.

Friday 22nd: Again overcast and rain showers. Olav O. and Kjell drove home, while the rest of us did nothing useful or interesting.

Saturday 23rd: It rained heavily during the night and conditions looked hopeless, but the meet director decided to give the day a change, maybe because of the two cancelled day. Fair enough and most (?) pilots were eager to fly. But when many from the local Austrian team had beer and soup for lunch it became clear that the ones best knowing the area was not too optimistic. Hence, Olav L.O. and Stein Edgar decided to start driving home even before the briefings. After a couple of briefings the day was cancelled at 1300 as the small opportunity of it clearing was not realised. Many pilots glided down, but we did not bother as we were more interested in starting our drive home early instead of a sled ride.

Sunday 24th: We, Bjørn + Bjørn, drove through Germany during the night trying not to fall asleep. We only stopped to fuel and eat a little, and arrived in northern Denmark at 0730. Here Bjørn J. met his wife and daughter for a vacation in Denmark, while I caught the same ferry returning from Denmark to Norway at 1030. I spent the time on board writing this. As it still is tax free trading between Norway and the EU, I walked through the tax free shop and bought a new deodorant – Dior Higher. Hope it will help during the upcoming National Championship. Pretty boring in other words; I miss Greifenburg and Emberger Alm already. Hopefully it will be good weather and flying during Vaagaa Open/National Championship (July 2.-7.). I will be meet director and good weather always makes this job easier.

As I drove of the ferry I was, as usual, stopped by the customs. I am always stopped so I never even think of bringing with me more than the legal amount of alcohol. They had obviously plenty if time and asked a lot of questions about the two strange things on the roof rack and searched the car. They showed some interest for my portable medical cabinet, but as I had prescriptions for all the funny pills, they quickly lost interest.

Pictures from Greifenburg HERE.

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