Vor EM Greifenburg, June 16th to 23rd. Part 1 of 2.

Wednesday at 2000 Bjørn J. and I started on the 2007 “Greifenburg Tour”, more specifically the pre-Europeans. We are 7 pilots from Norway participating in the competition. Stefan H. with family had traveled down on Monday, Bjørn + Bjørn arrived 0200 night to Friday, Olav L. O. and Stein Edgar came Friday morning, and Kjell Speidern and Olav O. came down just before 0900 Saturday after an unusual hard encounter with the facilities at the Kiel ferry.

Day by day reports.

Friday 15th: After arriving 0200 at Sattlegger’s Alpenhof at Emberger Alm (after some problems finding our way up) we (Bjørn + Bjørn) got a few hours sleep. But we were eager to test fly the area we were up and ready to fly at 1100. We started as it overdeveloped around us, and most of us rained down after about half an hour in the air. After the flight we registered for the competition. A bit chaotic but not more than one could expect with 150 pilots in the comp. The main problem was getting some gps’ to work with CompeGPS and/or with the Garmin drivers, not an unusual problem, although annoying as I was one of the few with problems (later also with downloading the track log, but also this was sorted out). The problems were Flight HERE.

Saturday 16th: Opening day of the Pre-Europeans. As the main launch at Emberger Alm is not big enough to accommodate all the pilots in the competition, lowest ranking half was sent up to the higher launch. A task was set even if the weather was not too good with overdevelopment and rain showers all around. Everyone started, apparently without worry, but Stein Edgar and I chose not to start. The task was quickly cancelled so I guess that we made a good decision. Still, the weather here seems unpredictable for us Norwegians so it is difficult to tell.

Briefing the first morning.


Glider “hangar” at the top launch at Emberger Alm. As we did not fly we put the gliders in the tent in order to have rigged gliders the next morning.

Sunday 17th: Again the day looked really bad with overcast in the morning, but again it cleared during the day (instead of overdevelop totally) and it turned out to be a very good day. The task was about 80 km and went back and forth the valley on either side of Greifenburg. I felt that I flew reasonably well, but it turned out that I had missed the first waypoint because I had set up the gps wrong so I only got minimum distance for task. Still, it was good and fun flying, and Greifenburg is great place to fly. Flight HERE.

Glider transport the Austrian way.

Monday 18th: The day looked totally hopeless, with overcast weather and a bad forecast. It looked so bad that I initially did not even bother to set up the glider. But just after 1300 it cleared up and it started to look promising. I speed rigged, but it was difficult launch conditions with 0-wind combined with some tail- and cross wind, but with a some good launchable periods. Consequently it took some time to launch, and I did not start until about 1445. Then after the launch I flew like an idiot and managed to get low, something that should have been impossible. This combined with a wrist that has not healed after a hard landing 3 weeks ago, made me land after only 30 minutes. The problem with the bad wrist is that I have to try not to put too much stress on it and therefore have to use muscles in the left upper arm and shoulder more actively to hold the wrist more or less stable. So after the flight yesterday my muscles in the left upper arm and shoulder were so sore that they cramped up after only 15 minutes. This did not help while struggling low and made me give up the day. Flight HERE.


Launching at 1900 masl in warm and moist air requires a very good launch run.

All photos by Bjørn Hammer.

The second part of the report from the pre-EM in Greifenburg will be published tomorrow evening.

3 Responses to “Vor EM Greifenburg, June 16th to 23rd. Part 1 of 2.”

  1. Pascal says:

    Hi folks,

    Could you elaborate more (at least to my email) on this :
    “The main problem was getting some gps’ to work with CompeGPS, not an unusual problem,”
    To understand and see what we can (or can’t) do.


  2. site admin says:

    Sorry to have been inaccurate on how I wrote this Pascal. It was probably also Garmin driver problems as well here. I have specified this in the text now. My experience with CompeGPS is that it works pretty well, but I have had some problems with down loading/uploading track logs and waypoints some times without having any explanations for why. One Garmin 12 can be down loaded without problems while another is a problem, why I do not know. Anyway, in the pre-EM the ones responsible for scoring sorted things out after the first comp day.
    In general, however, I think that CompeGPS is a little more sensitive that for instance GPSDump when uploading/downloading.


  3. Pascal says:

    It was a surprise to me to see some complaints about GPS compatibility as CompeGPS has always tried to be really good on this (we were the first to support new Garmin Edge device for example). Nevertheless it is an endless story as new devices are coming everyday and manufacturers like to change their format and use proprietary/undocumented things.
    For sure we cannot be exhaustive and 100%complete, but if you encounter problem do not hesitate to contact me or our support at compegps dot comand we will do our best.