Update and plans

It has been a while since the post here, and it has not been that much flying either. Below is a little about the flying so far this spring and summer and something about the plans for the rest of June and July.

Report from the flying so far this spring and summer.
I have got some hours on my new Wills Wing T2 this spring, but not that many, and almost all flying seem to have been in very calm conditions or with very strong and turbulent thermals, so I feel that I have neither gotten familiar with the glider nor been able to adjust it to fit my preferences. Still, even without adjusting anything it seems like a perfect glider for me. The only thing I would like to do something with it the degree of high siding, and to increase performance a little.

Two weeks ago I got a flight from Heidalen, but did not fly well and the landing was a total disaster. I messed up a pretty straight forward light tailwind landing and ended up landing while turning and hurt my left wrist (and broke one upright). The weekend after was the start of a 10 day period with good flying weather, but I only flew Saturday to Mondag because I had to work. During this week it was several +100 km flight, also by paraglider. Still, with my wrist I do not think that it would have been possible to fly much more anyway, and hopefully it will be some really good flying during the pre-EM in Greifenburg.

Plans for Juni and July.
We will be 7 pilots participating in the pre-Europeans the following week. 4 national team pilots and 3 not, me included. I do not have high expectations, but hope to have fun and have a few good flights. The Norwegian team will stay at Sattlegger’s Alpehof at Emberger Alm. According to their web site they have Internet access so I hope to publish reports from the pre-Europeans. But if Internett access is a problem it would probably be daily reports at the national team blog, which can be updated by mobile phone.

After the pre-Europeans I will work a couple of days before going to Vågå and Vaagaa Open and the Norwegian national championship. Meet director will be lucky me, but fortunately we will be a team of experience organiser helping out so if the weather is good, I am sure that we will have an excellent comp in Vågå also this year.

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