Icebreaker clothing.

Today I got a package in the mail from the UK. Attached to the package was an invoice, so for a moment I thought that someone tried to, or actually had managed to, trick me to buy something at the Internet. But when I opened the package the invoice was at £ 0, and instead a nice letter explained that the Norwegian Icebreaker importer Jarbeaux Sport had arranged for me to have an Icebreaker Slalom Zip long sleeve shirt. The background for this generous gift is that the Norwegian Icebreaker importer is sharing offices with the importer of Loki, which is the sponsor of the Norwegian hang glider national team (I will write more about this sponsoring arrangement later), and while visiting Loki I got to talk to the Icebreaker importer and looked at some of their products. The Icebreaker product range is impressive, and the merino wool they use in all their products feel almost like silk. This combined with the wools ability to keep you warm even if wet and that it does not smell bad after using it, like synthetic fabrics do, are very good selling points to me. Further, Icebreaker should be a perfect match as underwear to the Loki outerwear. I hope to test this combination already this weekend; the forecast predicts cold weather, but flyable – it should be a perfect test.

Photo: Icebreaker.

Information about the Icebreaker and merino wool in Norwegian HERE. Online shop in Norway with Icebreaker products HERE.

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  1. Speideren says:

    Ka med ett bilde av deg i en Icebreaker 😀