More on the T2 and Tenax

Sunday I got another, and second, flight on the T2 and Tenax. I am even more pleased with the glider and harness after the second flight. This time I was prepared for the harness not to slide up to an equally upright position as the Viper and saved the landing, although it was not a 0-stepper in the 0-wind. The T2 seems very easy to land, as the a-frame “tell” you when it is time to push out.
Still, a few new things need to be taken into consideration having a new glider. As the sprogs turns towards the keel it is possible to have the inner sprog entangled in the wing wire (had I read the excellent T2 manual I would have seen that this has been pointed out). Further, the new stiff sail is a pain in the ass to roll up neatly (it is hard to have new glider).


Three Wills Wing T2’s, the yellow in the back and my red in the front are brand new, the white in the middle one year old. Norway, the land of T2’s.

HERE are a few pictures from the weekend, not surprisingly all of my new precious glider and harness.

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