New Wills Wing T2, new Woody Valley Tenax 2, ohh what a perfect day.

Today I finally got the my new glider, a T2 with very possible options; UVM sail, 12 mm battens, slipstream uprights, and carbon leading edge inserts. This morning Alf, the Norwegian WW deal, and I went to Sundvollen to assemble the short packed glider and to test fly. The assembly was easy and then rigging and I was ready to fly the glider, and the harness, for the first time. The first I noticed with the glider, besides from that it looks smashing, was the light weight.

T2 and Tenax 2

I launched in 0-wind, but the glider was still easy to start. The light weight made it easy to lift the glider and start the launch run. In the air the glider had light handling, and a lot more speed and energy than my old 2002 model Litespeed. Also sink and glide seemed very improved, but this is difficult to judge not flying alongside another glider.

4 Responses to “New Wills Wing T2, new Woody Valley Tenax 2, ohh what a perfect day.”

  1. Jeff O'Brien says:

    Ahh – another duct tape speed machine enters the sky. Perfect color coordination with the harness. Well done! Get a camera on that glider.

  2. ak says:

    Nice colour combination!

  3. Pablo says:

    Nice glider,
    ive just ordered teh new t2 144, and would like to ask you if there is a difference so much with the new 12mm battens, for the proce difference is it neccesary….thanks

  4. Jacek Juskowiak says:

    It looks that Your hardware way is pretty close to mine. After Litespeed from 2001 now im flying WW Talon 2005, but in the middle of march im gonna get my Tenax harness. Must say that i ordered Tenax after reading Your impressions. Before i was almost decided to Viper S….

    Nice to see Your WWW. Great pictures and many good informations..
    Jacek Juskowiak