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Glider weight: T2 154 UVM vs Litespeed 5

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

Several pilots have asked me about the weight difference between my new T2 and my old Litespeed 5 after I wrote that the T2 felt much lighter. So this evening I desided to weigh the gliders and settle this question. I measured the weight on a digial person weight, which was placed on paved level ground. I did all measurements twice, and the weight of the glider measured by carrying the glider on my shoulder. All gliders was weight as it is in the bag, with paddings and all. The Litespeed 5 is a May 2002 model with zoom uprights but a round speedbar. The T2 is a January 2007 model with UVM mylar, 12 mm battens, and slipstream uprights.

Below in the table are the measurements:

Kilogram (kg)

Weight 1

Weight 2




T2 154



Litespeed 5



Falcon 2 170



This should give the following possible minimum and maximum weights:
– T2 154, min weight 37,4 max weight 37,8
– Litespeed 5, min weight 41,2 max weight 41,4
– Falcon 2, min weight 26,2 max weight 26,6

The weight difference between the T2 and the Litespeed 5 should therefore be somewhere between 3,4 and 4,0 kg.

It surprises me that the difference is not larger. The T2 feels significantly lighter than the Litespeed, but this could be due to balance and/or that these 3,4-4 kg are very important in terms of how heavy the glider is percieved to be (a 4 kg difference in the range between 24 to 28 kg is not that important for most, but the same 4 kg feels much heavier when between 36 to 40 kg).

More Icebreaker.

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

On popular demand, here is a picture of me wearing the Icebreaker, with reference to this post and comment.


Well, really it was only Kjell “Speidern” Keogh who asked for a picture of me wearing the Icebreaker, and I strongly suspect that it was some sort of harassment (he flyes an Aeros Combat L and is jealous about my new WW T2). But I use any opportunity to have my photo on the Internet.

WW T2 review by Dennis Pagen

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Hang gliding legend Dennis Pagen has test flown the T2 144 and  seems to be pleased. Read his review of the glider HERE. The review is from USHPA’s Hang Gliding & Paragliding magazine (Feb 2007). 

Icebreaker clothing.

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Today I got a package in the mail from the UK. Attached to the package was an invoice, so for a moment I thought that someone tried to, or actually had managed to, trick me to buy something at the Internet. But when I opened the package the invoice was at £ 0, and instead a nice letter explained that the Norwegian Icebreaker importer Jarbeaux Sport had arranged for me to have an Icebreaker Slalom Zip long sleeve shirt. The background for this generous gift is that the Norwegian Icebreaker importer is sharing offices with the importer of Loki, which is the sponsor of the Norwegian hang glider national team (I will write more about this sponsoring arrangement later), and while visiting Loki I got to talk to the Icebreaker importer and looked at some of their products. The Icebreaker product range is impressive, and the merino wool they use in all their products feel almost like silk. This combined with the wools ability to keep you warm even if wet and that it does not smell bad after using it, like synthetic fabrics do, are very good selling points to me. Further, Icebreaker should be a perfect match as underwear to the Loki outerwear. I hope to test this combination already this weekend; the forecast predicts cold weather, but flyable – it should be a perfect test.

Photo: Icebreaker.

Information about the Icebreaker and merino wool in Norwegian HERE. Online shop in Norway with Icebreaker products HERE.

More on the T2 and Tenax

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

Sunday I got another, and second, flight on the T2 and Tenax. I am even more pleased with the glider and harness after the second flight. This time I was prepared for the harness not to slide up to an equally upright position as the Viper and saved the landing, although it was not a 0-stepper in the 0-wind. The T2 seems very easy to land, as the a-frame “tell” you when it is time to push out.
Still, a few new things need to be taken into consideration having a new glider. As the sprogs turns towards the keel it is possible to have the inner sprog entangled in the wing wire (had I read the excellent T2 manual I would have seen that this has been pointed out). Further, the new stiff sail is a pain in the ass to roll up neatly (it is hard to have new glider).


Three Wills Wing T2’s, the yellow in the back and my red in the front are brand new, the white in the middle one year old. Norway, the land of T2’s.

HERE are a few pictures from the weekend, not surprisingly all of my new precious glider and harness.

New Wills Wing T2, new Woody Valley Tenax 2, ohh what a perfect day.

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

Today I finally got the my new glider, a T2 with very possible options; UVM sail, 12 mm battens, slipstream uprights, and carbon leading edge inserts. This morning Alf, the Norwegian WW deal, and I went to Sundvollen to assemble the short packed glider and to test fly. The assembly was easy and then rigging and I was ready to fly the glider, and the harness, for the first time. The first I noticed with the glider, besides from that it looks smashing, was the light weight.

T2 and Tenax 2

I launched in 0-wind, but the glider was still easy to start. The light weight made it easy to lift the glider and start the launch run. In the air the glider had light handling, and a lot more speed and energy than my old 2002 model Litespeed. Also sink and glide seemed very improved, but this is difficult to judge not flying alongside another glider.