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In memory of Fridtjov Konglevoll

Monday, January 29th, 2007

Friday January 19th Fridtjov Konglevoll lost his life in a trike accident, he was 30 years old. Fridtjov was a great resource to the Norwegian paraglider and hang glider community, and will be deeply missed.

HERE is a video partly of Fridtjov, and partly filmed by Fridtjov, put together by some of his friends for the memorial service.

More scooter towing.

Friday, January 26th, 2007

During Christmas we did two more days of testing with our scooter tow system, and later Steinar Sverd has tested the scooter with a pulley and with the pilot/glider next to the scooter. It has been some issues with the release of the line, but no big problemes.

One more scooter tow video HERE.

Some scooter towing resources:
Recommended site: Kite Enterprises, flight park run by Dave Broyles. The site has a number of good articles.
Yahoo! Groups – Scooter towing HERE. Join and share information about scooter towing.
Nordic Hang Gliding Success Stories – Scooter Tow blog for sharing information about scooter towing in the Nordic countries. Send an e-mail to td (attt ) to join.

Forbes 2007, day 2, one more fatality in an international competition

Friday, January 5th, 2007

A 234 km task via one turn point today. All Norwegian except Jon made it to goal, while Robert Riesinger won the day. No results are available yet, probably because it was fatal accident today. An Austrian pilot aged 44 is reported to have tumbled, being separated from the glider, and then from the chute (!) and the pilot fell to the ground from about 1300 metres. It is always sad to hear about these accidents; a tragedy for the hang gliding community, even more so for the pilot’s family and friends.

Forbes 2007 comp

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

First day and task flown. A 157 km one way task. All Norwegians in goal. Jon 23, Øyvind 29, Nils Åge 33, and Olav 35. A total of 36 in goal. Total results day 1 HERE.

Øyvind Ellefsen rigging (down) in colder conditions than in Australia.

New harness – Woody Valley Tenax 2, internal trim

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Finally, December 28th my new long awaited harness was ready to be picked up. Several unfortunate incidents made it a long wait, somewhat ironic as one of the reasons why I chose Woody Valley over Skyline was the former company’s reputation for rapid delivery. The short version of what happened: (1) The harness was sent to the wrong dealer/country, (2) when it arrived the chute was at the wrong side and the harness too wide, (3) everything correct.
Having looked at the harness I am very pleased with it – as pleased as one can be before actually testing it. Lots of nice details, and good craftsmanship as far as I can tell. Still, one never know if it will work out before actually flying it for a season or so.


Black, grey and red, just like the Wills Wing T2 I am waiting for. NB, the cat does not follow the harness, it is an optional accessory.

Looking good!