Scooter towing Norway

Earlier this autumn the Oslo area hang glider club (no: Oslo og Omegn Hanggliderklubb) decided go for scooter towing as our new and main method for hang glider coursing. Our instructors, me included, are tired of struggling in the training hill. Further, the students learned slowly, and the training hill required a lot physical effort.

Even before the club meeting Steinar Sverd Johnsen had bought a scooter, and today he and “Micro” Terje Solberg was ready for the first test. They used a WW Falcon 2 195 and everything went smoothly. Still, we will not use Falcon’s for coursing. The Oslo area hang glider club has ordered a Wills Wing Condor 330, both for the scooter towing and for the training hill.
Tomorrow I will join and test this out myself.

Video: Scooter towing.

2 Responses to “Scooter towing Norway”

  1. Meget god video. I Danmark har vi i Midtjyllands Drageflyver Klub MDK skolet på denne måde i flere år. En meget god og sikker måde.

    Kenneth Knudsen

  2. Hayley says:

    Hello, I am a special friend steinar met in Melbourne Australia, and I have been trying very hard to get in touch with him! He gave me his email, Unfortunatly has crashed. Is there any way anyone could help me get in touch with him? Please, I miss him alot.