New hang glider and harness

Some time since my last updated here. I have had my first autumn in 5 years or so without instruction and a hang glider course. It has been nice to have a break from this. It is fun but takes a lot of time and energy.

Still, the motivation before the upcoming season is good. The reason is that I will have a total makeover of my equipment. Today I ordered a Wills Wing T2. I have chosen full UVM mylar, slipstream downtubes, 12 mm battens and carbon leading edge inserts. Colous are red, black, white and silver, taking advantage of the “Fall Special” offer of free choice of colour. Further, I should already have gotten a new Woody Valley Tenax 2 (colours: black, red, and silver/gray). But this harness has proven difficult to get hold of. First of all, Woody Valley shipped it to the wrong country. Then, when it arrived the reserve container was that the wrong side and the harness way too wide. It was no problem having a new one sewn, but I am still waiting for the harness – somewhat ironic since one of the reasons why I chose Woody Valley was that they normally deliver quite fast. Lucky for me the late autumn is as off season as it get here in Norway.

7 Responses to “New hang glider and harness”

  1. =NIMBUS= says:

    Congrats. Changing brand, leaving Moyes.. holly shit.. big surprise!

  2. =NIMBUS= says:

    OOPs, my mistake! For a moment I thought I was on Øyvind Ellefsen`s webpage! It make sense that you Bjørn are still a Wills Wing fan…

  3. Bjørn Hammer says:

    Øyvind is also a Wills Wing fan – he just hasn’t realised it yet.

  4. ak says:

    Is this what it takes to take my place in the Adelskalender next season? : ) I also have a new wing so we will see!

    Anyway, I´m looking forward to see the new glider. Congratulation.

  5. Øyvind says:

    I’m a fan of the beginner and intermediate gliders, but for competition pilots I firmly believe the Moyes gliders and their support is far above anything else.

    The results prove it in every major competition. The new Litespeed RS kicks the T2’s ass. We can have a glide contest from Sundvollen this winter, a sixpack of beer?

  6. Bjørn Hammer says:

    Well, the T2 is less than 70 % of the price of the Litespeed RS, the hardware looks better, parts are more or less standardised, one can order parts just by referring to the serial number of the glider (and get the right part), and WW provide excellent and fast delivery of parts. At my level of flying I am very happy to trade a possible 1 % of performance against these advantages 🙂 .
    So I do not take up the glide contest challenge. But you can borrow the T2 for a test flight.

  7. Øyvind says:

    I’ve never gotten the wrong Moyes part, and I’ve broken quite a few during 1 Xtralite, 1 CSX, and 7 Litespeeds.

    Looks are a matter of taste, I really like the look of the new RS, with carbon fibre tubes and smoke inlaid sail it looks like a real custom racer.
    Having every part CNC machined looks nicer, but has no practical value, and adds to the cost that could otherwise go into R&D.

    Price is of course a very good point, but the extra cost of the RS is worth it when I fly it, and a small part of the total HG budget anyway.

    I’ll take you up on the test flight though. And since I won the glide contest by walkover you owe me a sixpack anyway 😉