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New hang glider and harness

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

Some time since my last updated here. I have had my first autumn in 5 years or so without instruction and a hang glider course. It has been nice to have a break from this. It is fun but takes a lot of time and energy.

Still, the motivation before the upcoming season is good. The reason is that I will have a total makeover of my equipment. Today I ordered a Wills Wing T2. I have chosen full UVM mylar, slipstream downtubes, 12 mm battens and carbon leading edge inserts. Colous are red, black, white and silver, taking advantage of the “Fall Special” offer of free choice of colour. Further, I should already have gotten a new Woody Valley Tenax 2 (colours: black, red, and silver/gray). But this harness has proven difficult to get hold of. First of all, Woody Valley shipped it to the wrong country. Then, when it arrived the reserve container was that the wrong side and the harness way too wide. It was no problem having a new one sewn, but I am still waiting for the harness – somewhat ironic since one of the reasons why I chose Woody Valley was that they normally deliver quite fast. Lucky for me the late autumn is as off season as it get here in Norway.