Worlds hang gliding championship – Red Bull Vertigo.

The 1st FAI World Hang Gliding and Paragliding Aerobatic Championship is currently flown ( 18 – 27 August 2006) in Villeneuve, Switzerland. Norway is represented by Jon Gjerde, Johnny Nilssen, and Jørgen Kjellsberg. The competition has 10 contestants, of which 3 are Norwegians!

The offical web site provides reports from each day, but as I am not that sure about the rules I am not completely sure what is going on. Further, the results have no points or anything else indicating how far the pilots are apart in the total results.
The Norwegains did not do too well in what seems to be a compulsory programme flown the 19th. Jon was 6th, Johnny 8th, and Jørgen 9th. The second round the 21st (compulsory or free programme?) was a little better for the Norwegains, Jon ended up in 5th, Johnny 7th, and Jørgen 10th. The 3rd round was an announced programme, and here Jon was no. 1 and Johnny no. 3! Jørgen is not on the result list.

Overall after 3 rounds, Jon is now no. 2 and Johnny is no. 7. Jørgen is at a safe 10th.

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