Pre-Worlds in Big Springs Tx.

The Pre-Worlds in Big Springs, Texas, started on Sunday. The only Norwegain participants are Nils Åge Henden and Olav Lien Olsen. Time, money and 1st FAI World Hang Gliding Aerobatic Championship in Villeneuve (Switzerland) is the reason why only two Norwegian are flying the comp. The aerobatic championship starts August 16th, while the Pre-Worlds ends the 12th, so the logistics of going from Texas to Switzerland would be difficult.

The comp does not have a very informative web site, but at least the results are being published. Instead, I guess we have to rely on the Ozreport to get updates. It also seems like both Norwegian pilots log their flights; Nils Åge HendenOlav Lien Olsen. Sunday a task was flown, but Monday was cancelled.
Results and scores can be found HERE. The flex wing results seems to be a mix of flex, rigids, and Swifts, or maybe it is just the result of using an old database for the pilot registration?

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