Øyvind, Truls (tow pilot today), and I were towing at Trøgstad today. Anyone was welcome, but noone else than us turned up. We turned up quite early is some pilots wanted to try their first tows, but as it was only us we started to tow quite early. I have got problems with my elbow again and only had one tow, to early it turned out and I had to land after 10 minutes or so. Øyvind had two tows and on the latter one flew a 25 km FAI triangle. The airstrip was turbulent when we towed, but as we left conditions improved and probably were best as we rigged down. I will try to fly again tomorrow even though my elbow hurts. The biggest problem is towing in turbulent conditions as this puts the most straing on the arms.

Good flying lately: Friday Olav Opsanger flew from Vågå to Øyer and back, an out and return of 200 km. The same day, it seems like Otto Baste has set a new Norwegian record for 50 km FAI triangle.

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