New harness ordered.

The carbon back plate on my Aeros Viper is breaking up, and instead of using a lot of money on a new back plate I decided to buy a new harness. After all the Viper is 4 years old and starting to wear out. Still, I am surprised that carbon back plate is breaking up, but the carbon work does not look very good. Further, also one more Viper here in Norway had the same problem.

After having flown with the internal tilt/trim on the Viper for 4 years I would not have any other system, so the range of alternative harnesses were Skyline ZD FR, Aeros Viper S, and Woody Valley Tenax 2. After some consideration I ended up with a Woody Valley Tenax 2. The Skyline harness is expensive and it seems to be not that sure when the new FR harness is ready for the market (correction July 30th – the ZD FR is in production). The Aeros Viper S is affordable and probably as comfortable as the old Viper and with improved details compared with the older model. Still, I ended up with the Tenax 2 in black, red, and gray.

One Response to “New harness ordered.”

  1. Oyvind says:

    The Skyline ZD FR is released, orderable, and in production. The first batch is beeing delivered this week. The Skyline ZD Speed is still in prototype stage.

    Good luck with your new harness.

    – Oyvind