Vågå day 6 – Vaagaa Open, day 2 – task 2

This turned out to be a long day. The forecast predicted SW winds, perfect for the Vole launch, but it turned out that the wind was from SE. The task today was: Vole – Salknappen – Lora – Lesje LZ, about 56 km. Because of the crosswind at launch and slow conditions pilots were slow to start, and it was lots of bad launches both by comp pilots and free flyer. I did not launch untill 1602, but by then the conditions had improved and it was easy to get up to about 1600 masl. I waited some in the air over the first TP and finally found a good thermal that took me up to 2200 masl. It went even further but I thought it was enough and rushed on to fly the task, but had to land already after 12 km or so. Still, nice to land somewhere else than the main LZ.

Results task 1:

1. Olav Opsanger.
2. Arnt-Ola Opsanger
3. Nils Åge Henden.
Complete results HERE.

Results task 2:

1. Olav Opsanger.
2. Bjørn Joakimsen.
3. Dag Ring.
Complete results HERE.

Cumulative results HERE.

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