Vågå day 5 – Vaagaa Open, day 1

First day in the national championship/Vaagaa Open. The comp is also Nordic Championship, but only one “Nordic” pilots has turned up – a Swede. In total the comp has 28 contestants. Today’s task was Vågå – Kvam – Brandstadkampen LZ – Frya LZ, a distance of about 76 km. It was difficult to get high over the launch, and those who started the task flew away at about 1600 masl. About 7 pilots made goal. Results will be publised tomorrow.

I had a really bad day, and never got about lauch and had to land after 20 minutes or so. Conditions were weak and difficult, but this was below expectations. I rushed up again to get a second flight, and managed to launch before the start gate closed, but was not too motivated to start the task anyway so I even did not try. Instead, I got nice flight in area. Since my last flight the wind had picked up quite a bit and it was good soaring conditions and lots of lift up to 1400 masl.
On the positive side today, Gjermund one of my students from this year, got his first soaring flight. 1,5 hours and 1400 masl. Needless to say he was very pleased.

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