Vågå day 2 – one sled ride

Although the forecast was bad, the sky cleared and the wind calmed down early in the evening. So at 2000 a bunch of us drove up to get at least a sled ride. When we arrived at the launch Nils Åge had just started, and we rigged as soon as we could not to be stuck in crosswind as yesterday. When we were ready to launch the wind was from the side but launchable now and then. I finally got out but the last two pilots had to go to the W launch.

This was the first flight after I had changed zipper in the harness and the ropes pulling the zipper up and down. I found out that the top slider on the zipper had moved so far up while waiting to launch that I could not pull it down. The bottom slider worked well though. So I need to find out how to hold than top slider down.

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