Vågå day 1 – no flying!

I drove from Oslo 0615 this morning to do a couple of interviews for a research project for the Norwegain Minstry of Commerce; critical success factors for tourism networks. On the way up to Otta and Vågå it rained heavily, but as I did the interviews the sky cleared, but the wind was still strong. At about 2000 the wind had calmed down enough for us to make an attempt to fly from Vole. We feared that wind would turn W-NW (not possible to launch – this is a S-SW launch), but it looked promising when we arrived at Vole. So we rigged as fast as we could, and the PGs managed to launch. I was first of the HGs to be ready 5 minutes later, but by then the wind had both turned and increased. So we waited for an hour or so before we gave up. Worst mistake of the day was not to bring beer to the launch.

Tomorrow looks really bad, and I will most likely work, but the forecast from Wednesday and onwards look very promising.

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