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Correction, Skyline ZD FR is in production.

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

According to Øyvind Ellefsen, Norwegian Skyline dealer, the ZD FR is orderable and in production, it is the ZD Speed harness which is still a prototype. Humm, maybe I should have gone for the ZD FR instead? It looks sleeker, but is also a little more expensive. All these difficult choices!

New harness ordered.

Saturday, July 29th, 2006

The carbon back plate on my Aeros Viper is breaking up, and instead of using a lot of money on a new back plate I decided to buy a new harness. After all the Viper is 4 years old and starting to wear out. Still, I am surprised that carbon back plate is breaking up, but the carbon work does not look very good. Further, also one more Viper here in Norway had the same problem.

After having flown with the internal tilt/trim on the Viper for 4 years I would not have any other system, so the range of alternative harnesses were Skyline ZD FR, Aeros Viper S, and Woody Valley Tenax 2. After some consideration I ended up with a Woody Valley Tenax 2. The Skyline harness is expensive and it seems to be not that sure when the new FR harness is ready for the market (correction July 30th – the ZD FR is in production). The Aeros Viper S is affordable and probably as comfortable as the old Viper and with improved details compared with the older model. Still, I ended up with the Tenax 2 in black, red, and gray.

Nimbus x 2

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

Frode Halse, with the nick name Nimbus after a close encounter with a nimbus some years ago, has once again tried his luck. Earlier today, starting from Bismo (a prime xc launch) flying SE past Vågå, Frode was once again sucked up by a nimbus. Apparently it developed so quickly that it was no chanse flying away from it. Frode experienced up to 23,5 m/s (85 km/h) lift and got up to 6090 masl. See the track log HERE.

Tomorrow I will post a report from the last days of the national championship.

Vågå day 8 – Vaagaa Open, day 4 – no task

Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

The forecast looked very promising for Bøverdalen west of Vågå, with NW winds. So by 1115 we were on our way to Bøverdalen. So wind in Vågå, but sunny and it looked like it would be a good day for flying. When we arrived at Bøverdalen it was strong W winds (crosswind) so we drove all the way up to Juvasshytta, then down again for a new briefing. At 1600 the day was cancelled and most of us drove back to Vågå. This evening it is food and beer. A few pilots waited 2 more hours and got short flight in strong wind.

Lentic west of Vågå, photo Terje Solberg.

Vågå day 7 – Vaagaa Open, day 3 – no task

Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

Overcast, rain, and bad weather. No flying, some beer drinking.

Vågå day 6 – Vaagaa Open, day 2 – task 2

Monday, July 17th, 2006

This turned out to be a long day. The forecast predicted SW winds, perfect for the Vole launch, but it turned out that the wind was from SE. The task today was: Vole – Salknappen – Lora – Lesje LZ, about 56 km. Because of the crosswind at launch and slow conditions pilots were slow to start, and it was lots of bad launches both by comp pilots and free flyer. I did not launch untill 1602, but by then the conditions had improved and it was easy to get up to about 1600 masl. I waited some in the air over the first TP and finally found a good thermal that took me up to 2200 masl. It went even further but I thought it was enough and rushed on to fly the task, but had to land already after 12 km or so. Still, nice to land somewhere else than the main LZ.

Results task 1:

1. Olav Opsanger.
2. Arnt-Ola Opsanger
3. Nils Åge Henden.
Complete results HERE.

Results task 2:

1. Olav Opsanger.
2. Bjørn Joakimsen.
3. Dag Ring.
Complete results HERE.

Cumulative results HERE.

Vågå day 5 – Vaagaa Open, day 1

Saturday, July 15th, 2006

First day in the national championship/Vaagaa Open. The comp is also Nordic Championship, but only one “Nordic” pilots has turned up – a Swede. In total the comp has 28 contestants. Today’s task was Vågå – Kvam – Brandstadkampen LZ – Frya LZ, a distance of about 76 km. It was difficult to get high over the launch, and those who started the task flew away at about 1600 masl. About 7 pilots made goal. Results will be publised tomorrow.

I had a really bad day, and never got about lauch and had to land after 20 minutes or so. Conditions were weak and difficult, but this was below expectations. I rushed up again to get a second flight, and managed to launch before the start gate closed, but was not too motivated to start the task anyway so I even did not try. Instead, I got nice flight in area. Since my last flight the wind had picked up quite a bit and it was good soaring conditions and lots of lift up to 1400 masl.
On the positive side today, Gjermund one of my students from this year, got his first soaring flight. 1,5 hours and 1400 masl. Needless to say he was very pleased.

Vågå day 5 – no flying.

Saturday, July 15th, 2006

Same as day 4.

Vågå day 4 – too windy.

Thursday, July 13th, 2006

Too much wind, no flying, slow day. A few drove down to Brandstadkampen (70 km to the south) but noone flew. I used the day to work a little, but basically it has been a slow and boring day.

Vågå day 3 – another sled ride.

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

The strong wind predicted by the forecast was totally absent. Instead, it was calm conditions but overcast. I had an interesting launch in 0-cross-tail wind conditions at Vole. Then the sled ride down and landing in 0 or weak tail wind. Not the most interesting flight but always fun to fly.

The forecast for tomorrow differs from good to bad. We will see how it turns out.