Gliders brands at the European Championship.

Yesterday was rest day so no new comp result.
While we are waiting for more comp results it is interesting to look at the number of glider brands in the European Championship. It seems like the traditional Moyes domination in terms number of gliders has been taken over by Aeros, at least in Europe. This is interesting as the Combat is the only remaining comp glider without a curved wing tip. In Norway, Moyes Litespeeds are still totally dominant among comp pilots, and the fastes growing brand seems to be Wills Wing, not Aeros. Still, in the EC there are only 4 WW T2s. It is further interesting, or tragic (?), that the Italian manufacturer Laminar only is represented by 14 glider. Europe and Croatia should be their home turf.

Number of gliders:
45 Aeros gliders, mostly Combat, Combat 2, or Combat L.
30 Moyes Litespeed/Litespeed S.
14 Laminar, 7 Z8.
4 Wills Wing T2.
3 La Mouette Topless.
1 Airborne C4.
1 Helite Topless.

With 98 pilots/gliders the number is almost equivalent to %.

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