European Championship, task (4 and) 5

Task 4: Results HERE. Michael Friesenbichler won the day. Best Norwegian was Olav Opsanger at no. 17.

Task 5: A 82 km task today, but noone in goal. Winner is Vyhnalik Dan from the Czech Republic, Thomas Weissenberg second, and Gerolf Heinrichs third. Christian Voiblet, the overall leader before today, was down to 62.
Norwegian results: Olav Opsanger 34, Arnt-Ola Opsanger 37, Kjell Keogh 60, and Olav Lien Olsen 80.

Today’s results HERE.

Tomorrow is a rest day. The overall results before the rest day are: Michael Friesenbichler no. 1, Oleg Bundarchuk no. 2, and Primoz Gricar no. 3. So Oleg is climbing after a “slow” start. Robert Reisinger, current Category 5 World Champion is down on no. 25, and Gerolf Heinrichs is 26. Have they encountered problems during the one or more of the first 5 tasks?
Norwegians in the overall result: Olav Opsanger no. 14, Arnt-Ola Opsanger no. 45, Kjell Keogh no. 72, and Olav Lien Olsen no. 92.

Overall results after 5 tasks HERE.

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