European, day 3.

A 76 km task today, and 29 pilots in goal. Winner was David Sieb, Thomas Weissenbergen came in second, and Michael Friesenbichler third (long family names on those Austians).

Olav Opsanger came in as no. 13 today. From the times it looks as if he came in second in the second gaggle of pilots. Other Norwegians results: Arnt-Ola Opsanger no. 34, Olav Lien Olsen no. 74, Kjell Keogh no. 81.

Both Gerolf and Corrina came in around no. 45 today, and also other that have performed good in the first two tasks came in a long way down on the result list. Difficult conditions or more good pilots?

Results from task 3.

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  1. El Loco says:

    I guess Gerolf is pissed now… :p