European Championship in Croatia: Day 1 and 2.

The European hang gliding championship has started in Croatia. Norwegian participants are Olav Opsanger, Arnt-Ola Opsanger, Olav Lien Olsen, and Kjell Keogh. Unfortunately, the European is overlapping with Ekstremsportveko, where several of the Norwegian national team pilots will participate in the acro comp instead.

Task 1 (Saturday I guess):

The day was won by, for me unknown Swiss, Christian Voiblet. Seppi Salvenmoser came in second, and Oleg Bundarchuk third.
Norwegian results: Olav Opsanger no. 20, Arnt-Ola Opsanger no. 39, Kjell Keogh no. 72, and Olav Lien Olsen no. 90.

Results task 1.

Task 2:

The day was again won by Christian Voiblet, with Justin Needham second, and Roland Woehrle third.

Norwegian results: Arnt-Ola Opsanger no. 52 (one of 8 ), Olav Opsanger no. 54 (one of 12), Kjell Keogh no. 62, and Olav Lien Olsen no. 82. Lots of shared places today. Are few landings clustering the pilots?

Results task 2.

It seems to me that quite a few “new” names and pilots are doing well. I do not recognise a lot of the names in upper part of the results. It could off couse be that they are old-timers coming back to competitions, or that I just have not noticed them before. Feel free to post a comment if you know the background on some of the pilots.

Link to overall results:

Overall results, Overall by Nation.

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