Towing at Trøgstad, incl. tandem debut.

Few pilots at Trøgstad today, but then more action for the rest of us. Alf and Øyvind were towing and flying, while the rest of us, Terje S., Ingar, Nils Fauske, and I were just flying. Lots of debuts today. Øyvind and I had our first tandem aero tows on Olav Lien Olsen’s tandem. We did two tows with Øyvind as pilot and I as co-pilot. The tows were easy according to Øyvind and the handling of the tandem was good. Øyvind flew with an old Airwave Race 2 harness and this worked pretty good, but my Aeros Viper was not that good for tandem (not a surprise as it is a comp harness). Especially the broad and long carbon backplate caused problems when I tried to take over and fly. I just could not move my arms as far back and up as was necessary. Still, I got a perception of how the tandem handled. The largest problem, however, was that we were towing towards a powerline, not a problem for solo tows, but with the tandem we were just 30 metres or so over – not good enough margins.

The Alf had his first tows in his Air Atos V. According to Alf the glider was very easy to tow.

Other flying today at Trøgstad: Terje S. had a couple of tows on our club’s Falcon 2, and Nils Fauske finished the day with his first three tow on the Falcon 2. He was orginally coming down to borrow my spare Litespeed speedbar, but it was shorter than the one he had. Another Litespeed speedbar he measured earlier was even shorter than mine. Strange.

I had three tows on the Litespeed today, and broke two weaklinks at about 150 metres. But if the weak link had not broken I would have had to release anyway as I was on my way towards lockout. It was turbulent today even if it was not possible to find thermals that worked. The third tow was a “success”, and I got a prolonged sled ride down. Turbulent at the landing.

Noone remembered to bring cameras, hence no pictures from the day.

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