Results from Milslukern + world ranking

HERE are the results from Milslukern. Winner was Jon Gjerde, second Nils Åge Henden, and third Dag Ring.

World ranking – Norwegian pilots.

The world ranking is updated, and Jonny Durand jr. is the new no. 1, Oleg Bonderchuk no. 2, and Gerolf Heinrichs no. 3. See the complete list HERE. Norwegian pilots hold the following positions:

rank name gender nation points
31 Jon Gjerde M Norway 150  
35 Olav Opsanger M Norway 134  
95 Nils aage Henden M Norway 56  
175 Oyvind Ellefsen M Norway 29  
186 Olav lien Olsen M Norway 26  
189 Johnny Nilssen M Norway 25  
212 Arnt-ola Opsanger M Norway 21  
221 Jens Krotseng M Norway 20  
253 Bjørn Joakimsen M Norway 16  
265 Kjell Keogh M Norway 15  

It is impressive of Jon and Olav O. to be ranked 31. and 35. If Nils Åge had competed in Oz this winter he would probably have a better ranking as well. I am no. 562 with 3 lousy points :).

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