Milslukern, 4 day xc competition

This weekend, or from Thursday to Sunday, it is the annual “Milslukern” xc competition. The comp is for both hg and pg, and the one collecting the most km during the comp wins.

Thursday: Bad weather forecast, and I did not even bother going up to Vågå. Not that I would have had the chanse either, I had to work. Instead I drove up Thursday evening.

Friday: Good forecast, and the day seems promising. The pg start window opened at 1215, while the hg start window opened at 1245. At 1240 the wind turned, creating strong cross- and tailwind. So we carried gliders and equipment to a W start 150 metres from the main launch. Still, the launch conditions were demanding and some pilots, me including, chose not to start. The hot national team pilots and a few others did launch, but most of them did not fly longer than 30 km. Longest by far today was Nils Åge Henden, who flew more than 130 km – quite an achivement in these conditions.

Saturday: Blue conditions and hard high preassure thermals today. I was afraid to be stuck in crosswind again and launched  as the second hg today. I found it difficult to get up and stay up, and in addition I did not feel very well today (no not hangover). I struggled for about an hour before deciding that the conditions were too difficult for a xc flight, and I felt really bad as well. It was obviously a mistake not trying to fly away because a number of pilots flew + 130 km to Røros. Even with organised transport these pilots were not back before 0130 in the night.
Sunday: Basically the same story as yesterday, but today I was feeling better and was motivated to fly away. But the conditions were even more tricky than yeasterday and I was just not able to get high enough to start a xc flight. Gave up after 1 hour or so and landed.

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