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Vaagaa Open, registration open

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

Vaagaa Open, a category 2 comp, including the Norwegian national championship as well as the Nordic championship, is no open for online registration. Some information is already up on the web site, and in the near future a waypoint list and more will be added. The comp is from July 15th to 22nd (Saturday to Saturday, 8 days).
Visit the web site and registrer for the comp HERE.

I have been away in the weekend and bussy so far this week, but I will be back soon with a short summery from the European Championship.

Gliders brands at the European Championship.

Friday, June 23rd, 2006

Yesterday was rest day so no new comp result.
While we are waiting for more comp results it is interesting to look at the number of glider brands in the European Championship. It seems like the traditional Moyes domination in terms number of gliders has been taken over by Aeros, at least in Europe. This is interesting as the Combat is the only remaining comp glider without a curved wing tip. In Norway, Moyes Litespeeds are still totally dominant among comp pilots, and the fastes growing brand seems to be Wills Wing, not Aeros. Still, in the EC there are only 4 WW T2s. It is further interesting, or tragic (?), that the Italian manufacturer Laminar only is represented by 14 glider. Europe and Croatia should be their home turf.

Number of gliders:
45 Aeros gliders, mostly Combat, Combat 2, or Combat L.
30 Moyes Litespeed/Litespeed S.
14 Laminar, 7 Z8.
4 Wills Wing T2.
3 La Mouette Topless.
1 Airborne C4.
1 Helite Topless.

With 98 pilots/gliders the number is almost equivalent to %.

European Championship, task (4 and) 5

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

Task 4: Results HERE. Michael Friesenbichler won the day. Best Norwegian was Olav Opsanger at no. 17.

Task 5: A 82 km task today, but noone in goal. Winner is Vyhnalik Dan from the Czech Republic, Thomas Weissenberg second, and Gerolf Heinrichs third. Christian Voiblet, the overall leader before today, was down to 62.
Norwegian results: Olav Opsanger 34, Arnt-Ola Opsanger 37, Kjell Keogh 60, and Olav Lien Olsen 80.

Today’s results HERE.

Tomorrow is a rest day. The overall results before the rest day are: Michael Friesenbichler no. 1, Oleg Bundarchuk no. 2, and Primoz Gricar no. 3. So Oleg is climbing after a “slow” start. Robert Reisinger, current Category 5 World Champion is down on no. 25, and Gerolf Heinrichs is 26. Have they encountered problems during the one or more of the first 5 tasks?
Norwegians in the overall result: Olav Opsanger no. 14, Arnt-Ola Opsanger no. 45, Kjell Keogh no. 72, and Olav Lien Olsen no. 92.

Overall results after 5 tasks HERE.

European, day 3.

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006

A 76 km task today, and 29 pilots in goal. Winner was David Sieb, Thomas Weissenbergen came in second, and Michael Friesenbichler third (long family names on those Austians).

Olav Opsanger came in as no. 13 today. From the times it looks as if he came in second in the second gaggle of pilots. Other Norwegians results: Arnt-Ola Opsanger no. 34, Olav Lien Olsen no. 74, Kjell Keogh no. 81.

Both Gerolf and Corrina came in around no. 45 today, and also other that have performed good in the first two tasks came in a long way down on the result list. Difficult conditions or more good pilots?

Results from task 3.

European Championship in Croatia: Day 1 and 2.

Monday, June 19th, 2006

The European hang gliding championship has started in Croatia. Norwegian participants are Olav Opsanger, Arnt-Ola Opsanger, Olav Lien Olsen, and Kjell Keogh. Unfortunately, the European is overlapping with Ekstremsportveko, where several of the Norwegian national team pilots will participate in the acro comp instead.

Task 1 (Saturday I guess):

The day was won by, for me unknown Swiss, Christian Voiblet. Seppi Salvenmoser came in second, and Oleg Bundarchuk third.
Norwegian results: Olav Opsanger no. 20, Arnt-Ola Opsanger no. 39, Kjell Keogh no. 72, and Olav Lien Olsen no. 90.

Results task 1.

Task 2:

The day was again won by Christian Voiblet, with Justin Needham second, and Roland Woehrle third.

Norwegian results: Arnt-Ola Opsanger no. 52 (one of 8 ), Olav Opsanger no. 54 (one of 12), Kjell Keogh no. 62, and Olav Lien Olsen no. 82. Lots of shared places today. Are few landings clustering the pilots?

Results task 2.

It seems to me that quite a few “new” names and pilots are doing well. I do not recognise a lot of the names in upper part of the results. It could off couse be that they are old-timers coming back to competitions, or that I just have not noticed them before. Feel free to post a comment if you know the background on some of the pilots.

Link to overall results:

Overall results, Overall by Nation.

Towing at Trøgstad, incl. tandem debut.

Saturday, June 17th, 2006

Few pilots at Trøgstad today, but then more action for the rest of us. Alf and Øyvind were towing and flying, while the rest of us, Terje S., Ingar, Nils Fauske, and I were just flying. Lots of debuts today. Øyvind and I had our first tandem aero tows on Olav Lien Olsen’s tandem. We did two tows with Øyvind as pilot and I as co-pilot. The tows were easy according to Øyvind and the handling of the tandem was good. Øyvind flew with an old Airwave Race 2 harness and this worked pretty good, but my Aeros Viper was not that good for tandem (not a surprise as it is a comp harness). Especially the broad and long carbon backplate caused problems when I tried to take over and fly. I just could not move my arms as far back and up as was necessary. Still, I got a perception of how the tandem handled. The largest problem, however, was that we were towing towards a powerline, not a problem for solo tows, but with the tandem we were just 30 metres or so over – not good enough margins.

The Alf had his first tows in his Air Atos V. According to Alf the glider was very easy to tow.

Other flying today at Trøgstad: Terje S. had a couple of tows on our club’s Falcon 2, and Nils Fauske finished the day with his first three tow on the Falcon 2. He was orginally coming down to borrow my spare Litespeed speedbar, but it was shorter than the one he had. Another Litespeed speedbar he measured earlier was even shorter than mine. Strange.

I had three tows on the Litespeed today, and broke two weaklinks at about 150 metres. But if the weak link had not broken I would have had to release anyway as I was on my way towards lockout. It was turbulent today even if it was not possible to find thermals that worked. The third tow was a “success”, and I got a prolonged sled ride down. Turbulent at the landing.

Noone remembered to bring cameras, hence no pictures from the day.

Fitting wheels on a tandem

Friday, June 16th, 2006

This evening Øyvind, Alf (Norwegian WW dealer) and I put a wheel set from Wills Wing on the tandem we have borrowed from Olav Lien Olsen. The wheel set, including a tail wheel, was easy to mount on the WW Falcon Tandem. I hope Øyvind and I get a chanse to test tandem towing this weekend.


Alf and Øyvind perform a “none-DHV” load test of the wheels. Photo: Bjørn Hammer.

Results from Milslukern + world ranking

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

HERE are the results from Milslukern. Winner was Jon Gjerde, second Nils Åge Henden, and third Dag Ring.

World ranking – Norwegian pilots.

The world ranking is updated, and Jonny Durand jr. is the new no. 1, Oleg Bonderchuk no. 2, and Gerolf Heinrichs no. 3. See the complete list HERE. Norwegian pilots hold the following positions:

rank name gender nation points
31 Jon Gjerde M Norway 150  
35 Olav Opsanger M Norway 134  
95 Nils aage Henden M Norway 56  
175 Oyvind Ellefsen M Norway 29  
186 Olav lien Olsen M Norway 26  
189 Johnny Nilssen M Norway 25  
212 Arnt-ola Opsanger M Norway 21  
221 Jens Krotseng M Norway 20  
253 Bjørn Joakimsen M Norway 16  
265 Kjell Keogh M Norway 15  

It is impressive of Jon and Olav O. to be ranked 31. and 35. If Nils Åge had competed in Oz this winter he would probably have a better ranking as well. I am no. 562 with 3 lousy points :).

Milslukern, 4 day xc competition

Friday, June 9th, 2006

This weekend, or from Thursday to Sunday, it is the annual “Milslukern” xc competition. The comp is for both hg and pg, and the one collecting the most km during the comp wins.

Thursday: Bad weather forecast, and I did not even bother going up to Vågå. Not that I would have had the chanse either, I had to work. Instead I drove up Thursday evening.

Friday: Good forecast, and the day seems promising. The pg start window opened at 1215, while the hg start window opened at 1245. At 1240 the wind turned, creating strong cross- and tailwind. So we carried gliders and equipment to a W start 150 metres from the main launch. Still, the launch conditions were demanding and some pilots, me including, chose not to start. The hot national team pilots and a few others did launch, but most of them did not fly longer than 30 km. Longest by far today was Nils Åge Henden, who flew more than 130 km – quite an achivement in these conditions.

Saturday: Blue conditions and hard high preassure thermals today. I was afraid to be stuck in crosswind again and launched  as the second hg today. I found it difficult to get up and stay up, and in addition I did not feel very well today (no not hangover). I struggled for about an hour before deciding that the conditions were too difficult for a xc flight, and I felt really bad as well. It was obviously a mistake not trying to fly away because a number of pilots flew + 130 km to Røros. Even with organised transport these pilots were not back before 0130 in the night.
Sunday: Basically the same story as yesterday, but today I was feeling better and was motivated to fly away. But the conditions were even more tricky than yeasterday and I was just not able to get high enough to start a xc flight. Gave up after 1 hour or so and landed.

New Aeros web-site.

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

Aeros, the Ukranian sports aviation producer, has updated their web site. On time, the old one has been outdated for quite some time. But the new site is really worth a visit! Best on the hangglider producer market so far in my opinion.

Aeros homepage HERE.