Towing weekend at Trøgstad

This “weekend”, from Thursdag to Sunday, the Norwegian hang gliding compeition committee (Øyvind and me) arranged a towing meet at Trøgstad. In addition we had help from hang glider and tow pilots Truls Schøyen and Alf Oppøyen. The two first days were cancelled because of rain and a soaked runway. So the first day we were able to tow was Saturday.

Saturday: Good turn up with 13-14 pilots and good conditions. First we struggled a little with cross wind, but at about 1200 launch conditions improved and the tows started. Even with this many pilots everything went smoothly and it was the tow plane that had to do most of the waiting, not the pilots. Some pilots new to towing, or with a long time since their last tow, got to borrow a WW Falcon 2 for their first tows. This seemed to work very well, making the introduction to towing much more easy and “uneventfull”. The longest flight today was more than 2 1/2 hour, but conditions were a little tricky and some got sled rides down. Still, then it was just to tow back up for another attempt.

Sunday: The forcast was not too good from the morning so we started quite late today. Øyvind called and woke me at 1045 reporting the weather had improved and I rushed out to the airstrip at Spydeberg, where the tug is located, picked up some towing gear and Øyvind’s Litespeed and drove to the tow strip at Trøgstad. We were few pilots today, with only Ove K., Terje S., and myself. Øyvind and Truls were towing. The tows were somewhat turbulent also today but not too bad. But the problem was finding lift. We only had prolonged sled rides down today. I found a thermal 70 metres above the air strip, and managed to stay up an additional 5 minutes or so, but then lost the thermal and had to start the final right away. Flatland flying is fun! I have never start thermaling so low before or exited so low. When conditions calmed down a little Terje Solberg got his first two tows on the Falcon 2. He tows as he has never done anything else – a perfect intro to towing. In my opinion this shows that anyone learning to tow should start on a Falcon/Fun/Relax or a similar glider.
Ready to go.

Read to go. More pictures from the weekend HERE.

Weekend stats:

# of pilots and tows: Quite a few.

# of first tow experiences: 3 (?)

# of incitents: None.

# of fun: Plenty.

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