Great weekend at Frya – weekend report.

Saturday and Sunday proved to be great, and the this weekend will most likely qualify as a “top 3 weekend” this year. I went up to Bøygen camping Friday evening with Morten Holo and Svein Dahl. We all were determined to fly from Frya instead of Øyer, although Øyer with it’s more southern location could provide longer xc-distances. Both days had blue high pressure conditions but it was reatively easy to get up and fly xc.

Saturday I tried a long xc flight N with the SE winds. I easilly got up flew N towards Otta and hoped to get at least to Dovre or somewhere in the Lesja valley. Still, I soon became too impatient, got low after Kvam and did not find any more thermals and had to land just N of Otta after just 36 km (flight log). The longest flights today was flown by Dag Ring with 138 km (flight log) and Trond Olsen with 133 km (flight log).

Landing North of Otta on Saturday.

My landing N of Otta.

Sunday most of us tried more practical task with landing at the main LZ at Frya. Hence, I declared a 53 km task back and forth in the area. Conditions were even better that yesterday and I flew the task relatively easy (flight log). But eager to get the task I flew relatively slow; I should have completed the task much faster. Also today long xc distances were flown. Morten Holo flew S, the opposite way of anyone else, and landed at Rudshøgda and a new person best of 87 km. Dag Ring once more had a long flight with an out and return from Frya to Vågå a distance of 115 km, but did not stop when he came back to Frya and flew another 15 km or so to Fåvang (flight log); he landed at 2000 in the evening.

Pictures from the weekend HERE.

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